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Dance of the Untamed:

"Essence," my latest collection, ventures into the profound depths of artistic introspection, urging us to embrace the multifaceted nature of our existence. This series, a blend of my earlier works, beckons viewers to journey through uncharted territories of self-reflection and acceptance. It extends an invitation to acknowledge both our untamed instincts and our more polished facets of identity, fostering a deeper comprehension of how our self-perceived identities influence our interactions with the world.

Essence 01

Acrylic and  pastels on canvas

24"x 24"

Essence 02
Acrylic, charcoal on canvas
24"x 24"
Essence 03
Acrylic, pastel on canvas
24"x 30"
EssenceFour48_x 48_.HEIC
Essence 04

Acrylic, charcoal, pastel on canvas

48"x 48"

EssenceFive48_x 48_.HEIC
Essence 05

Acrylic, charcoal,  pastel on canvas

48"x 48"

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