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goddess series

Acrylic on canvas

Carson Jackson's 'Goddess Series' is an artistic homage to the divine feminine energy that permeates our world, coursing through every living being. Each piece in this series resonates with the multilayered strength, beauty, and intricacy of the feminine spirit, vividly encapsulated through Jackson's abstract style.


Every stroke of Jackson's brush is a tribute to the duality of the divine feminine, acknowledging its nurturing yet fierce, peaceful yet dynamic, and compassionate yet passionate aspects. His artwork vividly represents the full spectrum of experiences tied to the feminine spirit, embracing the untamed, wild elements that often go unexpressed.


Jackson firmly believes in the presence of divine feminine energy within all of us, irrespective of our gender identity. His own appreciation of this energy extends beyond his identity as a man, reflecting a deep understanding and respect for the transformative power it holds. His art invites us to recognize, affirm, and embrace this divine energy within ourselves, illuminating the inherent beauty of the feminine within all genders.


The 'Goddess Series' serves not just as a celebration of females, but an acknowledgment of the feminine aspect within all of us, even men. By capturing the wild and untamed sides of the feminine, Jackson brings love and recognition to these divine aspects, gently nudging viewers to explore and embrace this energy in their own lives. This series stands as a powerful reminder of the omnipresent divinity within us, urging us to honor and cherish it.

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