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Carson Jackson is a contemporary abstract artist whose work is a reflection of his life's journey: a treasure hunt of experiences, moments, and images, each lovingly transmuted into his art. His aim is to redefine the visual landscape of his audience, creating unique pieces that challenge conventional interpretive abilities. With a technique that is ever-evolving and guided by his curiosity and an inclination towards the unusual, Carson’s artworks — often created with mixed media and found objects — resonate with the interplay of darkness and light, illustrating life's trials in a poetry of visual narrative. As the son of a Cuban refugee, he has embarked on an extraordinary journey that has spanned both geographically and professionally.


Jackson's travels have taken him from the seaside gardens of Ogunquit, Maine to the fierce El Salvadorian surf, through the Fjords of Norway, and notably during his influential period living in the Outer Banks, where he absorbed techniques and styles from artists worldwide who welcomed him without hesitation and generously shared their knowledge and experience. Prior to his career in art, Jackson worked as a model in Central America and as a creative director, experiences that further enhanced his artistic sensibilities. Today, his work graces galleries, cafes, and restaurants along the coast of Maine, New Hampshire, and the Outer Banks. The impact of his work can even be felt in surprising corners worldwide, testament to his broad artistic reach.

The Journey

From Interventional Radiology to Artistry:

Jackson’s journey, transitioning from a thriving career in Interventional Radiology to the realm of artistry, is a testament to the transformative power of art. Renowned for his distinctive style and creative expression, Jackson brings a unique fusion of personal history, worldly exploration, and medical precision to his art. His creations skillfully interlace a vibrant tapestry of human experiences that deeply resonate with each viewer. They serve as the enduring embodiment of his experiences, his travels, and the people who have enriched his life.

Unveiling the Creative Process

Jackson's creative process lies in his pursuit of the unique and the obscure. His philosophy, inherited from his grandfather, guides his every stroke: "Walk slowly and drink a lot of water." He engages with the world around him in ways that liven the moment, constantly seeking the unseen and translating those experiences onto his canvas. His subjects and techniques are as diverse as the world he observes, using found objects, mixed media, and his own innovative techniques developed through curiosity and play.

Art for All

Jackson's Philosophy and Contributions


As an artist deeply grounded in his Cuban heritage, Carson Jackson firmly believes in the philosophy of 'Art for All.' This philosophy stems from the conviction that art is an indispensable part of life, a force that unites, inspires, and transcends barriers of language, culture, and social class. For Jackson, art is not merely an aesthetic endeavor but a catalyst for community bonding, social dialogue, and personal transformation.


This belief guided his bold initiative to spearhead the reopening of the Beavis Frank Gallery. Recognizing the gallery as a cultural asset rich in history and artistic spirit, Jackson saw an opportunity to revitalize the community, to create a space where art can be accessible and experienced by all. Under his stewardship, the Beavis Frank Gallery, once the creative sanctuary of the late Tim Beavis, has been given a new lease of life.


Throughout this endeavor, Jackson has upheld his commitment to inclusivity, a value deeply ingrained from his heritage. To him, every voice matters, every perspective holds value, and every individual has a unique story to tell. By infusing this inclusivity into his artwork and his role in the Beavis Frank Gallery.

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