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An Unexpected Friendship

The Inspiring Story of Hanna Frank, My Rock in Turbulent Times

There's a kind of friendship that hits you instantaneously, much like the first brush stroke on a blank canvas. Hanna was that first bold stroke in the artistry of my artistic journey this year. She came into my life as one of the Dutch sisters, the resilient rock of her family, a beacon of strength amidst the tempestuous waves of life. As we navigated the heartbreaking loss of her mother, our bond deepened, painting a richer palette of shared experiences and mutual respect.

As an integral part of the Beavis Frank Gallery's revival, Hanna worked tirelessly, infusing the space with her innovative ideas and profound understanding of the art of living. I've often found myself admiring her tenacity, wishing to mirror her steadfast commitment to the things she loves. Together with my wife, Lia, they formed a remarkable team, conjuring a magical ambience with food and flowers, and giving direction to my artistic expression.

Our collaborative endeavor peaked when deciding the order to hang the paintings. Surrounded by my art, precisely the way they would be displayed, Hanna said, "we are getting close. Do you hear them starting to sing?" In that moment, I felt a connection that transcended the visual. It echoed what Lia had taught me - to see what you hear and hear what you see, to feel what you taste and taste what you feel.

This year's journey has been a whirlwind of contrasting emotions. With more loved ones lost than I've ever experienced before, including my beloved abuela, my best friend's dog, and other dear friends, the wave of grief was often overwhelming. But amidst the sorrow, I've found comfort in the unexpected friendships that have blossomed and the community that has rallied around us.

It was this unexpected friendship with Hanna that brought new life into the Beavis Frank Gallery, once lovingly tended by her late husband, Tim Beavis. A talented artist himself, Tim's spirit has been a guiding force as we rejuvenated his beloved creative sanctuary. His loss in 2019 was felt deeply throughout the community, but his memory continues to inspire our shared vision.

Through all these highs and lows, I am reminded of the power of unity, growth, and learning. As we continue to uplift and support each other, our shared journey becomes a masterpiece of resilience and love. Here's to Hanna, an inspiring friend and collaborator, who helped breathe new life into the Beavis Frank Gallery and my art. Her strength and determination have touched many, mine included, and I am grateful for her presence in this chapter of my life.



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