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swing & sway series

Acrylic on canvas

Deeply rooted in his Cuban heritage, Carson Jackson's artistry resonates with the vibrant rhythms of expression through movement. His canvas transforms into a dance floor, his paintbrush into a dancing partner, swaying and spinning in a lively ballet of colors. Throughout his journey as an international model in Central America and his subsequent travels across diverse Latin countries, he's absorbed a kaleidoscope of influences, enriching his perception of dance's diverse forms.


His extensive explorations extend beyond the visual artistry of dance - Carson frequently immerses himself in the rich spectacles of operas, ballets, and musicals. These experiences seep into his artistic consciousness, enhancing his creative visions and infusing his work with fresh layers of emotive depth and aesthetic intricacy. These multifaceted influences find their vibrant expression in his 'Swing & Sway' series.


The series is a harmonious symphony of movement and stillness, rhythm and pause. Each piece serves as a tribute to the beauty and spirit of dance, encapsulating the evanescent grace of moving bodies. Each brushstroke is a fluid gesture, each color a note in a visual melody, collectively orchestrating a celebration of dance and its transformative power. Carson's art invites the viewer to partake in this dance, to swing and sway with the rhythm resonating from the canvas, and to experience the unifying power of dance in a new, profoundly personal dimension.

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