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familiar places

Acrylic on canvas

Carson Jackson invites you to journey through the soul of local landscapes with his 'Unfamiliar, Familiar Places' series, a collection that fuses the known with the unknown, the seen with the unseen. Using his signature abstract style, he reinterprets the scenery of familiar, beloved locations, imbuing them with an edgy, fresh vibrancy that commands a renewed perspective.

Each artwork begins its life in situ, with Jackson setting up his canvas directly within the landscapes that inspire him. There, he sculpts the background, capturing the essence of the place, not only in its physical contours but also in its unseen, emotional terrain.

It was the breathtaking view from the banks overlooking Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, ME, that first sparked the flame for this series. A place of undeniable beauty, its compelling aesthetic stirs a potent inspiration, driving Jackson to translate his experiences into his artwork. The unrivaled allure of the Maine and New Hampshire seacoast continues to propel this series, transforming iconic locales into pulsating, dynamic canvases.

With the 'Unfamiliar, Familiar Places' series, Carson Jackson invites you to embark on an introspective journey through familiar landscapes, reinvented through his artistic lens. Experience the world you thought you knew in a new, riveting light.

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