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It's beginning to look a lot like...

Oh and ho, ho, ho -- it's time for the annual Holiday Sale at Chases Garage- where I will feature my latest and greatest. And did I mention there's going to be a grilled cheese (and I hear soup) food truck parked out front? Yeah- Cheese Louise, that I first discovered on my way down from the Kangamangus Highway in North Conway, NH. What's better than a grilled cheese after a long day of hiking in the mountains? Nada. I'm tempted to post their menu on here (for all the foodies out there), it was THAT good, but this is an art blog, not a food porn site.

Ned Roche

Around the clock! I've seen potters throwing and getting their work glazed and ready for the sale at Chases Garage. Our godfather, the Nebula aka Neddkins, aka Ned Roche, aka owner and holder of keys, opener of locks has been up day and night creating EPIC new mysterious animalistic things out of clay. Check it out- Instagram: @hiprandy

As for me, well--- Not only am I launching this new site, but I'm dancing my way through the creation and expansion of a new acrylic series- "Unfamiliar, Familiar Places." I've been out on location at Perkins Cove and other locally treasured spots, painting how I see its details- abstractly and uniquely seacoast NH/ME.


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